Have You Curated your Crowd Yet? Build a Better B2B Database

With the buzzword of ‘crowdsourcing’ in marketing taking center stage today, the approach has taken a deeper view with the concept of ‘Curated Crowds’. Here is a snapshot of what database marketing companies have learnt by adopting crowd-sourcing models until now:

Moving forward businesses now are introducing scientific and systematic methods of data verification. In the first instance the new approach being adopted in crowdsourcing is the ‘curated crowd’ model.  While companies utilize ‘free data’ provided by people willingly, quality is free as well. The ‘curated crowd’ approach is basically moderation of crowds to identify people who will be able to provide relevant information. Curation is usually conducted by introducing a survey for users to participate in to understand if their profiles fit and meet the criterion of database requirements.

A ‘gate policy’ like this is utilized not only to gain relevant information from significant people; it is also to keep irrelevant data out.

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