Don’t report spam when you can unsubscribe!

Consider this scenario,

You open your Inbox
In the hundred thousand mails you receive, you find some which you’re not interested in receiving.
What do you do?
Check them and ‘Report Spam’?
Or open the mail and “Unsubscribe”? 

For those who unsubscribe, you have all the right to do so. If the unsubscribe link is inactive or doesn't work, you then have all the right to report spam. However, if you can unsubscribe to a mail you do not wish to receive, why would you report spam?

Through our nurturing programs we’ve made an observation. A few people who receive our mails choose not to be included in our list. We respect their choice, and provide them with an ‘unsubscribe’ link. We ensure this link is carefully placed in every mail we send out. We wonder, why then should they report spam, when the choice is theirs.

It surely is an honest mistake by many of us, but it will be in best interest of all, if we distinguish the ‘spamsters’ from those who take time to create and share beneficial information.

We value your time and put in much effort to develop engaging, interesting and relevant content. It is a great feeling that we still have your attention, and if that is not achieved, we always give you a choice to unsubscribe.

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