Have 'Big Data' Sand Boxes Become Sand Traps?

Virginia Rometty, CEO of IBM aptly stated that “data is the new natural resource.”

With 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data we create every day, has Big Data become a become mess? Have sand boxes turned into sand traps?

Big Data is still a vague concept for businesses, a concept they sort of understand. Most companies have either no idea or a partial understanding of what big data is and what it does, let alone managing and capitalizing on it.

Many organizations have initiated pilot projects to manage and utilize Big Data. However, in almost all cases, it hasn’t gone any further. While they begin with great energy, procure tools and create sand boxes to learn and understand how to make the most of unstructured data, they eventually lose their way, diminishing the value of the project. What’s missing is end-to-end data management to protect assets and enable compliance. Many companies fail to use the right processes and tools to manage huge volumes of data collected from various sources.

The solution as per the experts is to manage the beast of Big Data by harnessing its power, with a shift in culture, attitude and discipline. What is required is a combination of traditional and new and advanced data management capabilities.

While Big Data is a big market,
Let it not become a Big Mess,
Manage it before it manages your business!

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