What’s Motivating Your Brand? Learn from the 'Billion Dollar Hippy'

We all have times when we are insanely motivated and times when we find every excuse to pin down our lack of motivation. The solution is to get started on that list of ‘things to do’. A small step every day towards accomplishing your goals will eventually lead to fulfillment.

Let us apply this to our brands. What is motivating your brand? What do you do every day, every minute  to make your brand a better experience for your customers?

The core of Info CheckPoint is data…and quality. What continuously motivates us is to relentlessly maintain quality and deliver accurate, current and relevant data to users. For us data is about:
  • Accuracy – Contact details such addresses and phone numbers are verified and are associated with the person or business in the record.
  • Freshness – Information reflects current details of the person or business.
  • Completeness – All records are complete making it valid for relevant usage.
  • Uniqueness – There is only one record per person or business and duplicate records are merged or deleted.
  • Standardized – Information recorded follows a set format and standard.

For us Data Quality is a discipline not a task
It’s a statistic to state
It’s a practice we follow!
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Check out this beautiful BBC documentary on ‘Steve Jobs - Billion Dollar Hippy’ – nothing else can be more motivating.

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