Of 192.2 billion mails sent daily, does your email campaign stand out?

Behind every successful email campaign is a smart marketer…are you one of them?
Do you know…
When it is the right time to send a mail?
Through which device are emails read the most?
If you’re ‘white listed’ by your subscribers?

Emails should tell a tale to engage readers and create a connection. Storytelling is a powerful tool in getting your message across. No matter how compelling your message may be underlying tactics need to be used to boost email engagement, readability, and deliverability.

Email marketing provides the ability for readers to instantly access free information offered. If you have linked emails with resources such as white papers, case studies or research reports, all they have to do is click on the link, sign up and access what is offered. The fact that readers can directly gain valuable information makes this channel preferred over others.

However, many marketers think sending emails are free. The fact that email marketing is inexpensive makes it an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Billions of email accounts are opened worldwide and the number of emails an individual or business sent and received every day has led to the biggest challenge yet, spamming.

Based on a USA survey, “over half of all emails are deleted within 2 seconds without ever being opened”

With inundation of emails to readers, they have short attention spans, are fickle and have very little patience. In order for emails to reach an inbox, for them to be opened and clicked, they need to be relevant, customized and creative. People today don’t read emails today, they scan through it. All those colorful and long messages with complex offers are surely not going to get you anywhere. Keeping emails short and simple has more impact.

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for any kind of business, especially, small and medium-sized businesses. It is cost-effective and considered to be one of the best marketing channels to increase conversion rates, engagement and customer loyalty.

So what’s your brand’s story?
Are you sharing it or selling it to your audience?
Connect with Your Target Market Relevantly

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