Become “Click Worthy’, Increase Conversion Rates by 200%

  • What’s the Goal of Your ‘Click’?
  • Why do you want people to click on that CTA?
  • And what do you have to offer once they click?

If you’re a B2C company, maybe it is to make a sale. But if you’re a B2B company, it should be beyond making a sale; it should be about gaining leads and collecting information about prospective customers.

The question really should be, “How are you targeting your ‘post-click traffic’”?  Here are some lead generation and capture tactics, when creating CTAs, landing pages, offers and online forms.

When creating call to action (CTAs)….
Remember, that if a person needs to search for a call to action, their interest may fade away. Based on the ‘heat map analysis’, CTA s ‘below the fold’ (where people have to scroll down to find it) is generally viewed by only 50% of the visitors, as compared to CTAs placed ‘above the fold’. In addition, make sure you link the CTA to the landing and offer, or else the purpose is defeated.

When creating landing pages….
It is good to maintain continuity in conversation by creating information scent. Make the headline of your landing page similar to that of your CTA, to provide the necessary connection to the visitor. The role of landing pages is to engage visitors who are inquisitive and lead them to become customers or subscribers. According to Marketo, “Optimized landing pages improve conversion rates as high as 200%.” 

When creating offers…
Keep the offer simple, crisp and scan-able. “Download this Free Whitepaper” or “Click Here to Gain a Free Trial” is definitely much better than, “Get to Know If You Are Click Worthy?”

When creating online forms…
Consider your prospect’s perspective;  clicking on a link will cost nothing, filling a form on a landing page however, is not only time consuming it has an added risk of sharing information. More often than not, people tend to ask for as much as information as possible. Sometimes the more you ask, the less likely you are going to get a visitor to submit a form. Be clear on what information you want. Ask only for what you need!

Make your message jump off the landing page.
Make an offer that will pop,
Give prospects a reason to convert!

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