Got the Swag? It’s Just Not Enough!

When Seth Godin spoke of swaggering marketers, he referred to those who have ‘all bark and no bite’.

A characteristic trait of most marketers is their confident poise in marketing an idea, product or brand. However, more often than not, with the intention of challenging competitors, their sway tends to sweep them away. How many times have they claimed to be “world’s best”, “leading provider”, “highest quality” or “state-of-the-art”.

Once marketers blow trumpets, they’ve got to put on a show! When they cannot deliver what is promised, their spunk then becomes too audacious. When an over promise is under delivered, trust and credibility is lost. It’s quite the opposite when an under promise is over delivered, it’s a pleasant surprise. If one has to over promise, back it up!

Don’t just offer swag, offer solutions, offer value and offer a brand experience.
Well, we would surely like to ‘swagger’ along with a show of our cards…..
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