Higher Quality, Sales Ready Leads = More $$$ Deals!

  • Do you know the goal of the ‘click’?
  • Is the call to action bold and brave?
  • Do your landing pages lead to conversions?
According to Marketo, you can improve your conversion rates by 200% with optimized landing pages.

The goal of a click in B2B is not to make a sale; it is to capture a lead. It’s not only about the number of clicks; it is on getting conversion of leads as well. Make your call to action catchy, landing page structured and offer attractive. Optimize your post-click experience, boost lead generation ROI.

When a prospect submits information on a webpage, it is only the beginning. Sync your leads database with your customer relationship management (CRM) software through automation.

Why You Need the Info CheckPoint App
To target high value opportunities via Salesforce chatter
To prioritize and organize prospects
To improve CRM data quality
To reduce research time

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