You’ve Got Just 42 Seconds To Make That Impression

7 seconds to create an impression
14 seconds to generate interest
21 seconds to narrate your story

The worst part of pitching in an elevator is that you've got just about a few seconds to hit it. Small talk about how good the company is, the weather or appreciating a tie, just wouldn't sell. The focus in an elevator pitch should revolve around three main aspects of ‘who, what and how’:
  • Who it helps
  • What problem are you trying to solve
  • How your business solves that problem - Value Proposition 

When making an elevator pitch, remember to:

Do away with drivel
Make it conversational
Get straight to the point
Think of it as an infomercial
Give a snapshot of your business
Blow your trumpet, but not too loud
Initiate an idea than try to close a deal
Give hard stats, numbers resonate well
Add the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) aspect
Create interest, tell your story, make an impression
Like experts say, “If you have something meaningful to say, say it in a meaningful way”
If there are more questions than answers at the end of the pitch, you might as well wipe the slate clean. 

Make It Irrefutable!

You don’t need to ride the elevator, when you can walk through the door.

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