Feel Like Persecuting Those Pop-Up Ads? We Agree

How do you feel?
...When you’re watching television and an ad breaks in.
...When you’re driving to work and billboards distracts you.
...When you’re checking out information on a site and a banner ad pops up.
...When you’re connecting with friends on Facebook and an ad joins in on the conversation.
It’s annoying right?

That’s why lead generation marketers are moving away from what is called interruption marketing. It no longer is about screaming to a whole bunch of people with the hope that your potential buyer will eventually get the message. It is about interaction, it is about engagement and it is about relevant messaging.

What marketers are inclined towards today is disruptive marketing, where the disruption here is positive. It basically involves nudging a prospect when they are searching for information with relevant messaging. As Jaime Szulc, Levi’s CMO stated in the Direct Marketing News, “You not only have to be disruptive, you have to be disruptive in a way that is relevant on a very personal level. It creates energy so that people will get engaged.”

Disruptive marketing is about breaking down those conventions and biases and inculcating a radical perspective about a brand, product or service. It’s about initiating action than reacting to change. 

A step further from disruptive marketing is interactive marketing, which is based on involvement, influence, intimacy and engagement with the market. It is no longer about traditionally constructing a structured brand identity. It’s about getting customers involved in carving the essence of the brand and shaping their future experience. 

Transcend from interruption to positive disruption marketing
Let your customers in to your brand’s mind
Indulge in interactive marketing to
Involve, Interact, Influence

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