Use Clean, Green and Lean Data this World Environment Day

In Ulaanbaatar Central Square, thousands gathered this week to celebrate World Environment Day (WED), 2013. The main aim of this day is to initiate positive environmental action. Hosted by Mongolia the theme this year is ‘Think.Eat.Save.’ 

While community clean-up drives have begun in full swing, we need to apply this in the B2B context as well. With data repositories getting bigger, it only remains to be seen how we can organize it to capitalize on all the information collected. Big Data is definitely a big deal today. 

Data being an integral part of any business process, quality should be of the highest priority; quality in terms of data accuracy, relevancy and being up-to-date. Data needs to be collected, compiled, organized and maintained in a way that it provides insightful information.  New processes and technologies have been developed to maintain ‘clean, green and lean’ databases. 

We provide data that is clean, green and lean.
  • Clean as in verified and validated
  • Green as in it allows for efficient usage and
  • Lean as in it produces results tailor-made to suit the objectives of your business

The way forward is to integrate data quality management into business processes and enterprises. This World Environment Day, let’s make a pledge to:

Delete data dumps,
Obliterate data decay,
Nurture data quality,
For a cleaner, pollution free virtual space environment!

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