Spend $1 on Quality Data than $100 on Bad Data!

  • 80% of companies have phone records with “risky” connectability 
  • 60% of companies had an “unreliable” score of overall heath 
  • 25% of companies have inaccurate B2B databases
Source: - Sirrus Decisions

According to Forrester, only 12% of companies rely on intelligence from quality data. And this could cost companies an estimated $8.2 million a year, according to Gartner. Would you rather spend $100 on correcting bad data or $1 on verifying the record before getting it entered?

Data quality is subjective!

It need not necessarily be about the number of incorrect fields, the percentage of addresses that are incorrect, a score on accuracy or number of null entries in the database. It is about the level of fitness it possesses in context with the end use for which it was created. Data quality is about correctness, accuracy, completeness, currency and credibility.

It’s no secret, here’s how often we update our data:

Every Minute 

  • New contacts are added and updated, 
  • 1.2 million records are televerified, 
  • Social media links are added, 
  • Contacts with duplicate names are removed from the database (1 million records)
Every Month 

  • 160K direct dial numbers are added, 
  • All 20 million records are verified and results are updated, 
  • Ping test for all 20 million is done to ensure there are no spam traps and syntax errors, 
  • Email campaign results (click rates, open rates, opt-in, opt-out and bounce rates are updated with the date of verification)
Let quality data provide you with competitive edge, 
Make it your most valuable corporate asset!

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