Why Social Data is the New Black!

Ever wanted to how much your brand is talked about in the social network?
Wouldn't you like to eavesdrop?

Customers today do their own research and interact with a brand only much later in their buying process. This has made it difficult for companies to gain insights about customers and to influence their decisions. Moreover, when customers do decide to interact, they do so quite selectively.


Here is where social data has become a critical tool. It is one the best ways through which companies can measure marketing campaigns, and observe, analyze and improve social conversations in real time. Tech savvy marketers are using tried and tested marketing tactics and new techniques to improve interaction and increase quality and quantity leads; from direct mail marketing, telemarketing, email marketing to social media marketing.

Techniques of mass mailing done earlier are replaced by more customized forms of marketing. B2B marketers today are segmenting customer groups to implement targeted marketing programs. And social data provides just that information required to organize customers into specific groups and develop relevant messaging that revolves around them.

In all the digital frenzy, positioning your brand could become quite a relentless challenge. You need to be ‘happening’ in the social sphere and the best way to get around is by knowing the right people.

Big Data is something you may already have
Augment your customer analysis with Social Data
Get to know your “Share of Voice”


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