Tune Into The Digital Age of 'WOM'

In this age of ‘Word of Mouth’, how do you leverage social media to connect with B2B customers?
Do you shout it out, get everyone involved, and get them on board?
Do you listen, plan, engage and optimize social media channels?

The reason why it is important to use social media is because it helps you to know:
  • Who is saying what about your brand and where
  • Who is leading conversation share
  • Where your customer are living online
  • How to provide value addition
  • When and how to engage with your community
  • Why customers behave the way they do
  • Why they prefer what they prefer

So, why do you need to build a social media strategy?
  • To define objectives and integrate it with the overall marketing strategy
  • To maintain a unified brand identity and image across the socialsphere
  • To utilize various channels effectively and facilitate prospecting
  • To integrate communication and build relationships with prospective buyers

When using social media, not every channel is suitable. Find out where your target market is active. For instance, if they are active on LinkedIn, join in on the discussion. If they are active on Twitter, tweet to keep them up to date. If they are on Facebook, post messages to keep them engaged. Check out the grid below, to understand which social media platform is best suited for your requirement.

If you like what you read, socialize it! Post, tweet, ping, poke or pin; let us in your socialsphere as well! 

Augment your understanding of your customer with Social Data
Know your “Share of Voice”
Get your database updated with Social Data

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