Give The Right Offer At The Right Time To The Right Person With Database Marketing

Database marketing is about creating data warehouses to develop models based on transaction data and customer behavior, in order to identify communication relevant to different segments. It involves identifying customer segments and designing marketing messages around them. 

It provides the co-relation between data sets and does not provide the cause of behavior.  Database marketing is different from CRM. Customer relationship management is about analyzing customer data to identify the right offer, the right time and the right person for a particular campaign and target audience.

The database marketing process involves:

1. Collecting, Verifying and Storing Customer Information 

  • Collecting accurate and relevant information
  • Verifying and validating information
  • Storing and updating information on a database
  • Making the database available to marketers 
2. Converting Data to Business Intelligence

  • Analyzing data to gain actionable insights
  • Implementing profiling, modeling, scoring and segmentation of profiles
3. Developing Strategies for Behavior Modification (Customers, Prospects and Employees)

With database marketing 
You can develop marketing strategies 
You can gain actionable customer segments

Allow us to maximize your marketing ROI and business growth.

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