Why is lead generation such a hassle?

A research report by MarketingSherpa shed some light on the most pertinent issue in B2B marketing. Lead generation is and has been a weak point for marketing teams. Here is the research chart for your reference.

The marketers interviewed were given three parameters to choose from and they were as follows. 
  • Strategic — Formal process, thorough guidelines, routine performance

  • Transition — Informal process, few guidelines, sporadic performance

  • Trial — No process or guidelines currently
Lead generation techniques had the highest amount of trial programs which goes to show that marketers did not have a solid understanding of the processes involved or they did not have the means to drill down a particular method and go with it. 

Leads tend to be seen as the pinnacle of marketing and sales excellence. but we all know it is not in fact as important as well, paying customers!Focus tends to lack when it comes to lead generation and sometimes overkill leads to high density of leads and none of any quality. 

Concentrating on high quality leads is the default method that leads to paying customers. Getting these high quality leads is exactly what Info Checkpoint does for you. Register with us or you can take up our free trial offer and get to know the database well. 

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