Its marketing trends time!! 2014 and major marketing trends

Hope the new year sees you in good health and spirits. As the year closed upon us, marketing teams around the world did some intense reminiscing. It was a good year for marketing and more so for digital marketing. Trends that we forecast for 2013 did materialize. The year went on with sales being made, relationships built and brands winning at social media.
Now, it is time to look up ahead and see what 2014 has in store. Will it be exciting? Yes of course it will be! lets take a look at what Marketing Profs has put together for us. It is has a bunch of promising numbers and also ways to make a big splash.

(please click on the image to enlarge)
We hope these marketing statistics will paint a very realistic picture of the market for you and you can start planning your digital year in all earnest!

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