B2B Blogging, Are We Doing it Right?

B2B blogging they say is not only about selling, it is about knowledge exchange and information sharing. It is about creating that fine balance between promoting a product and providing resourceful information.

When we started out blogging, the core essence was how to connect with the audience and share the benefits of our online product. Like any other B2B company, for us blogging is about:
  • Providing fresh information about the industry
  • Addressing painpoints the market faces
  • Showcasing our benefits
  • Directing customers to our website

From data quality, data verification, B2B marketing, database marketing, email marketing, telemarketing, social media marketing, lead generation to demand generation, we've covered it all. And, there’s still more.

Before we rush ahead, we thought we’d ask our readers to provide feedback on what they think? 
How do you find our blog?
Is it informative?
Is it interesting?
Is it ‘salesy’?
Bring it on, we are all ears.

Let’s make B2B blogging an experience for the reader and the writer.

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