“Marketers are Liars” and “Sales Reps Make Too Many Excuses”. When will it end?

The relationship between marketing and sales is a never-ending push and pull of roles, expectations, egos and objectives.

Marketers think sales people are delivery systems of strategy and are concerned mostly about sales targets. Sales people think marketers are support systems for sales and are concerned mostly about marketing campaigns. Marketers think they are strategic players and sales people think they are drivers of business.

What marketers actually need to do is focus on Pre-sales, Lead Generation and Mining Analytics. What sales people actually need to do is Sales, Networking and Building Relationships.

No matter what difference in objectives and expectations of marketing and sales teams, the integrated bottom line should be business impact.

The Info CheckPoint App through Salesforce helps sales teams optimize the prospecting process by targeting high-value opportunities via Salesforce Chatter. It also helps marketers connect with the sales team through a structured process, and gain insights of the ‘customers’ voice’. The App enables prioritizing and organizing prospects, reducing research time, and focusing reps on selling activities – while improving CRM data quality.

So if You Want to
Align Sales and Marketing
And Connect With Your Market

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